Catch More Fish TV

Reel Adventures will show you various members of Team Pallatrax taking our unique and innovative products far and wide and proving that our products and tactics really do help you to catch more fish.

As genuine innovators of baits and product ranges, there is always the need for an element of clarification. In essence, innovation needs explanation.

Within our Hints & Tips video library we will demonstrate the reasoning behind our range’s development and how you can use our products to increase your catch rates.

Then Reel Adventures will show Pallatrax Team members off on their angling adventures to various venues, both in the UK and abroad, putting our baits and tactics into practice.

The Toffee Apple Effect

Pallatrax Angling
September 21, 2016
Pallatrax Glug is extremely thick and so will not wash off as quickly as other bait dips. This means that the boosted levels remain around your hookbait for longer. Any bait so long as it’s dry, can be glugged.
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