Stonze Fishing Weights

Our highly regarded and natural Stone fishing weights are the ultimate in genuine camouflage. We have removed the concerns that are associated with your lead weights – predominately the largest piece of terminal tackle and, therefore, the most obtrusive to the fish as well as lead not being environmentally friendly.

The Swivel Stonze weights utilise a size 8 flexi ring swivel for attaching to your weight clip and have some fantastic further benefits, such as being especially good as a efficient method feeder – they are able to take on a flavour, have a naturally pitted surface that will really hold the method mix and with the right gear can achieve incredible distances. When the method mix breaks down, you are simply left with a Stonze – perfect presentation and environmentally sound.

The In-Line Stonze has been developed for the angler who prefers using an In-line weight in their fishing tactics. Having all the benefits of the Swivel Stonze, the In-line version comes fitted with a tulip bead and short length of rig tubing inside to protect your line. This allows your swivel or swivel clip to be drawn back into the tulip bead to create the ultimate camouflage.

All you see is your mainline going in, and your hooklink coming out: Line In Line Out: LILO the most unobtrusive bottom rig set up in the world?