16lb 4oz Big Plated Mirror

16lb 4oz Big Plated Mirror

After finishing work at 4pm, I went to my stalking water in hope of my third carp in 4 short trips.

I looked under a tree in the edge that I know often holds a carp or two and I wasn’t to be disappointed. There were two carp in there: one mirror and one common.

I carefully lowered my rig – an inline stonze weight on the line pulled over a swivel to which a 3 inch hooklink was attached with a size 6 Gripz hook tied on KD style and a piece of Crave Squab.

I crumbled up two Crave Squabs and dropped them over the rig and watched…… The fish seemed totally uninterested at first, cruising just over my rig but not dropping down on it. I crumbled a few more Squabs to try and get a response but they didn’t react. I was beginning to think that they just didn’t want to eat, but then suddenly the Common dropped down and started eating. A little while after, the Mirror started eating but still my rig remained in place! Something was wrong… I didn’t dare move the rig for fear of spooking the fish, so I added more broken up pieces of Squab and hoped they would drop their guard and pick me up. They were clearly enjoying the bait and finally my line pulled tight and a fish was hooked!!!

As I played it I realised that, not only was it the Mirror, but it was actually the big plated which I had feeding over me last season only to have a small Common nick the bait! I have been after this one for two years and was ecstatic to catch it.

16lb 4 oz two pics
The weight was 16lb 4oz which is far from the biggest in the lake, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best looker.

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