17lb 4oz Common Carp

17lb 4oz Common Carp


I just picked up my renewed ticket for a local water that I like to stalk and went straight to the lake to see if any of the residents were about.

I know the water well so know the right places to look and I wasn’t disappointed, there were a few carp drifting around the margins of a narrow section of the lake and passing under a bridge .

I broke up a couple of crave squabs into a margin past the bridge where a few had passed through and waited. After a couple of minutes a nice common carp drifted under the bridge on the far margin but suddenly turned and came straight to the baited area proving the effectiveness of the baits attraction.

I set my rod up and threaded an inline stone onto the line and tied the mainline to a small swivel that was pulled into the rubber insert in the stone to allow the stone to slide away when the fish shakes its head. A size 6 gripz hook was attached KD style and a small piece of crave squab was mounted on the hair.

The common had eaten and moved off by the time I was ready to put the rig in but i had seen a few more fish cruise along the far margin so I crossed the bridge and lowered my baited rig into the margin making sure my line was sunken carefully. 3 crave squabs were broken and dropped over the rig for attraction and I sat down to prevent being seen.

After about 5-6 minutes I noticed a tail pattern over the area and I crouched for a better view. I could see the common from before and he was clearly enjoying the crave pieces I had introduced when the line pulled tight and I was away!

After a good fight he was landed and after removing the hook which was very secure in the bottom lip he was weighed at 17lb 4oz. It doesnt get any better than stalking them from the edge!



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