Terry Bell’s 21lb Godalming Mirror

Terry Bell’s 21lb Godalming Mirror

I fished last night on a club water in Godalming where the carp don’t come too easy, but I have had a bit of success.

I was fishing inline Stonze weights on the main line tied to a small swivel that is then pulled into the rubber insert. I do this because when the fish feel the weight if they try to shake the hook out using the weight it will just simply slide down the line. for this reason I also use a short 3-4 inch hooklink so the fish cannot move too far before the weight comes into play.

A Gripz hook was then tied on KD style as is my personal preference for its hooking abilities. The bait was an 18mm Crave boilie with a 14mm Crave pop up fished snowman style on one rod and on the other rod an 18mm Crave boilie topped with a pink 10mm Almond Vice flarze pop up.

At midnight my beauty sleep was disturbed by a small bream and then at seven in the morning I got a pull on my left hand rod that was locked up tight. On lifting the rod the line parted with no resistance! I had been bitten off by a pike or cut off on a snag/mussel bed.

Things weren’t going well and so I headed off to another swim at the shallow end of the lake armed with just one rod, a net and the usual bits.

I found carp nudging the reed stems close in so I broke up a crave boilie and baited my hair with about a third of it and swung it in close to the reeds.
I crumbled up a couple of Crave boilies over the rig to help draw the fish in and get them grubbing around then waited for what I knew was just a matter of time.

Sure enough after a while the reed stem nearest my bait wobbled very slightly and I saw a tail gently swirl as a carp began feeding on the pieces of boilies before kicking his tail and vacating the area with my Stonze weight hanging beneath him!

He gave me a bit of a scare when he found a snag in the reeds and I thought he had ditched the hook. I kept a steady pressure on him and luckily he came free from the snag and went in the net. The Gripz hook had done its job perfectly and even fell out in the net as if to remind me why I use them.

Terry BellThe fish, a lovely mirror was my biggest from this particular water and weighed 21LB exactly.

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