Terry lands 25lb Common – a new lake record

Terry lands 25lb Common – a new lake record

Last night I left work and made the half an hour journey to one of my club lakes already knowing where I needed to be to stand the best chance of a carp. Arriving at the lake and seeing 4 cars was disappointing, as the swim I wanted has been quite popular recently due to the amount of fish in the area.

I knew from booking on that I was the only one fishing the night but I didn’t know how long I might have to wait to get into the swim.

Thankfully the one I wanted was soon vacated so I got in there and swung a naked chod out in front towards some lilly pads with a 14mm Jungle pop up and a handful of 18mm Jungle boilies and the left rod just down the margin was a large inline Stonze weight with a 3 inch coated hook length, a size 6 Gripz hook tied KD style and an 18mm Crave squab.

I lost a tench on the right hand rod and by midnight was still without a fish. I made a decision to move the right hand rod onto the left rest and and put the left rod to the right out towards a bund that stops anglers casting into an out of bounds area.

At 04.20 I was laying in bed watching the rods and the now right hand rod wrenched round and I was on it instantly, move vindicated!

After a very good battle in which the fish stayed low in the water I landed a lovely common of 25lb exactly (a new best for this water).

25lb (1)

I swapped the naked chod (on the now left rod) for a snowman set up with a lead release system coupled with a swivel Stonze weight and an 18mm Jungle boilie with a 14mm matching pop up after a carp managed to avoid getting hooked. (I think the naked chod didn’t have the weight to pull the hook into the carps lower lip).

I went on to have around 13 tench through the day between both rods which, although weren’t the target actually provided a bit of fun!



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