Terry’s Penultimate Carp Fishing Session on his Club Water

Terry’s Penultimate Carp Fishing Session on his Club Water

My time is running out on the club water I have focussed on mainly this year.

Despite the 24hr rule, I have had a fair amount of carp and in my last 3 trips before this one have had 35 tench!

I was desperate to catch another carp from here and so decided to go all or nothing.

The left hand rod was set up with an inline Stonze weight on the main line then a swivel and the rig which was just a short (4-5 inch) section of coated braid with a size 6 Gripz hook tied on KD style. For bait I went for an 18mm Crave Squab glugged in a prototype liquid.


I had made up a method mix using the Bloodworm and Maggot Crush groundbait to which I added Waterfly, Gammarus Shrimp and Bloodworm all from the Dried Naturals range and this was moulded around the Stonze weight.

method mix

The right hand rod was set up as a helicopter rig with a fairly flat Stonze weight as it was to be cast to a silty area. On this rod I glugged the Stonze weight in the prototype liquid.

tench both banner

By the end of the session I had caught 9 tench on the right hand rod to 5lb 10oz and 3 on the left plus a small stockie mirror carp of 11lb looking like a new penny in the morning light.



carp banner



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