A Fantastic Carp Fishing Session at Watmore Farm Fishery

A Fantastic Carp Fishing Session at Watmore Farm Fishery

Tom our IT director from Pallatrax had a short-day session at a local fishery called Watmore Farm, based just outside of Yateley in Surrey. Watmore Farm is a friendly, family-run fishery which prides itself on the quality and condition of its fish in the lake and the clean and quiet surroundings in which it is set.

On the day, Tom was using the Pallatrax Stonze System alongside some of Pallatrax’s rehydrated snails which had been flavoured in Jungle. This approach seemed to be rather devastating as you can see from this video. During the day, Tom caught a selection of Common Carp and Mirror Carp using the Pallatrax System.

Check out Pallatrax’s website for more information about the Pallatrax Stonze System – https://www.pallatrax.co.uk/our-products/the-stonze-system/

Here you will find some information about the rehydrated snails that Tom used – https://www.pallatrax.co.uk/our-products/our-naturals-range/hidra/

To find out more about Watmore Farm Fishery, please visit – http://www.watmorefarmfishery.co.uk/

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