A Highly Effective Way Of Attracting Fish

A Highly Effective Way Of Attracting Fish

Something that a lot of our team use is the method. We use this as not only is it a highly effective way of attracting the fish to your hook bait but by adding some of our dried naturals you will create a column of attraction that will rise and fall in your swim drawing the fish down to your hook bait.

The great thing is that our Stonze make a a fantastic natural method feeder and when the fish start to break through to the Stonze it is not only a natural item that the fish will be used to, the Stonze is also porous and will have taken in some of the smell and attraction from the method mix giving it that extra bit of attraction for a while longer.

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    Great products best i have used

    27th April 2019 at 6:22 pm

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