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About Pallatrax

From its inception, Pallatrax has blazed its own trail within the modern angling scene where we have assumed nothing yet questioned everything alongside developing products and tactical approaches that have put performance over profit.

Taking such a unique stance and working hard to design products that complement the environment and general fishery management, has resulted in new and trendsetting values that stand us apart from others. Our tag line of Catch More Fish really does sum up our ongoing mission to develop products that assist the angler, whilst being mindful of the environment we fish within.

With such principles, and an open and honest agenda, the brand has gone from strength to strength as word of the company and its ethos has spread across the planet. Every day we see more and more anglers and fisheries gravitating towards us and embracing our values and thus enjoying the benefits of what we have to offer:

Bait Ranges:

A comprehensive range of hand-made baits that are manufactured to extremely high specifications within our own UK factory. The emphasis here is to give us exciting and innovative bait ranges with a huge focus on their physical ingredients, alongside dedicated manufacturing processes to not only produce baits that catch us more fish but also baits that focus on water quality impact through to fish health and growth.

In setting ourselves such high standards, we are proud to have achieved what we have to date with products that have captured huge amounts of fish, of many different species, both at home and abroad. But rest assured, we have some amazing products continually in development and it is a case of ‘watch this space’ for further exciting product launches.

In more recent times we have been awarded Animal Feeds Registration (GB 071E4804) as a company that complies with legislation that focuses on high quality and accredited fishing bait ingredients. Discover our bait ranges

Stonze Weights:

A fishing weight, by definition, is merely a weight to cast our baits and to hold them in position and our international award-winning and patented natural Stonze fishing weights have revolutionised the way we fish. When you actually consider the facts in using these weights it really does make sense.

To be able to remove the commonly used man-made toxic lead and replace with something that is non-toxic and naturally occurs in nature is a huge advantage.

The lead is a serious flaw as a ‘common denominator’ that we know wary fish, especially, can sense as a danger – hence why other companies attempt to camouflage their lead weights. The trouble is that in reality it changes nothing and is still very much out of sorts within the fish’s ecology.

By replacing with a Stonze weight has made an incredible difference to both our catch rates and confidence and by acknowledging the further benefits of using Stonze gives us a tactical approach like no other. Discover our international award-winning Stonze

Gripz Hooks:

Our international award-winning and patented Gripz are a new hook design and not just another pattern. Historically, we have had only two hook designs to choose from; barbed and barbless, but now we have a third option in Gripz, which has taken hook design to the next level with a host of added benefits.

Made in Japan to our high specifications, these hooks have a chemically sharpened and cutting point to give a surgically sharp hook, whilst also benefiting from a series of minute grooves on the inside of the hook point. These grooves allow for an incredibly firm hook hold when under pressure, eliminating the concerns of a barbless hook that can skip and move causing damage, but when the pressure is released the Gripz can be easily and safely removed.

Our Gripz hooks now come in several different patterns and sizes as well as a range of high- quality Hair Rigs which are hand-tied here in the UK to exacting standards. With more patterns in development, Gripz is changing the hook landscape forever. Discover our Gripz Hooks

Terminal Tackle:

To complement our other ranges, we have designed a broad choice of terminal tackle options and accessories that complement each other and give distinct advantages to the user.

Whether it is our exclusive Steamlink hooklink materials through to our non-toxic pop-up shot we have it covered so that you can fish in supreme confidence with quality products of an undeniable pedigree that really do add up to more fish on the bank. Discover our terminal tackle

Gamma High Performance Fishing Lines:

We are pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Gamma, which we believe are the best fishing lines in the world, in both Copolymers and Fluorocarbons. A huge statement but when you consider that these high-quality materials have been further processed using nanotechnology to change the molecular structure then the facts speak for themselves.

This patented technology creates a complex molecular structure like no other fishing lines and results in lines that outperform through greater strength to diameter, higher abrasion resistance and greater strength to shock impact.

It really is a range of very special products and gives the user total confidence in fishing lines that are like nothing else on the market. Discover Gamma fishing line

Pallatrax Associated Fishery Scheme:

This exciting and exclusive initiative allows us to work closely with a growing number of fisheries both in the UK and abroad due to our focus on products and tactics that enhance fishery management.

Alongside access to our ranges, these fisheries benefit from a host of other elements unique to each fishery whether it is marketing assistance through to on-site filming or bespoke packages.

Find out more about our associated fishery scheme

Team Pallatrax:

Team Pallatrax is an international multi-species angling community like no other. It is a ‘family’ of like-minded anglers, whatever their experience, seeking to catch more fish whilst being mindful of the delicate environment we fish within and doing all we can to protect and preserve for future generations.

Our ‘clubhouse’ is a very busy Facebook site where we help and support each other, as well as organising social fish-ins and regular live feeds and competitions. Team Pallatrax members enjoy a host of benefits and our numbers are growing daily in a group where you are a person and not just a number. Join Team Pallatrax today