International Awards

Pallatrax International Awards

One of Pallatrax’s main strengths is our genuine desire to innovate and not just replicate. With such a forward-thinking attitude that questions everything and assumes nothing, our products and tactics are so unique that we are proud to be in receipt of a number of inspiring awards that, yet again, set us apart from our competitors.

The Green Apple Award

These international awards are focused on global companies and their products that are proven to promote environmental good practices on the world-wide stage. We have been incredibly fortunate to be awarded such recognition for two of our product ranges, the only fishing tackle and bait company to have received such accreditation.

Stonze natural fishing weights. These revolutionary weights have been recognised as having a low carbon footprint and are completely non-toxic as opposed to the commonly used and highly toxic lead fishing weights. Even the Stonze swivels are manufactured using stainless steel, to ensure that they have no lead content, and the bond used is non-toxic. Lead is justifiably maligned due to its toxicity at all levels, from human health through to serious environmental concerns, and the Stonze remove all of these doubts whilst also giving the angler exclusive added tactical advantages.

Gripz design fishing hooks. Our exclusive hooks have also been awarded such recognition due to the fact that their manufacture revolves around a hook design that has proven benefits over and above the limitations of barbed and barbless hooks. The minute Gripz grooves allow for a superb hook hold and eliminates mouth damage from skipping or jumping alongside alleviating other genuine concerns that barbed and barbless hooks give within responsible fishery management.

ICAST Best New Product Showcase – Terminal Tackle

ICAST, held in Las Vegas USA, is the biggest trade show of its type in the world and Pallatrax, the only UK company to have ever been so recognised, was awarded the Best New Product for our natural Stonze fishing weights (sinkers). With such a huge number of major manufactures from within the international trade community vying for this award it was incredible to be chosen by an independent committee as the winners.

Total Carp Magazine (UK) – Best New Product

Our unique Stonze fishing weights were voted Best New Product by the readership of this very popular UK carp magazine.

Outdoor Canada Magazine – Best Environmentally Friendly New Product

Having won the prestigious ICAST Award, this very well-known Canadian outdoor sports media platform also voted our Stonze fishing weights (sinkers) Best Environmentally Friendly New Product.