Our International Awards

Held on the Houses of Parliament’s magnificent terrace overlooking the River Thames, companies from all over the world, as far away as Korea and Brazil, were in attendance to receive acknowledgment for developing products and inventions sympathetic to the world wide environment.

Though attendees knew they were to be honoured with an award, only at the event were they informed of the level of award in their specific category: Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Pallatrax’s patented natural Stonze fishing weights had been entered into the Sports and Leisure category, being recognised as a product with a low carbon footprint that can combat the environmental negatives of the commonly used toxic lead weight. Though there was serious competition from other companies with incredible initiatives, Pallatrax and their Stonze fishing weights were selected to be the Gold winners – an unbelievable achievement and incredible honour to be recognised on this scale.

Pallatrax’s MD, Simon Pomeroy stated: “Though some within the angling industry are yet to fully appreciate such a simple yet effective concept as Stonze, this is absolute proof that our natural weights are now recognised on a serious and international scale. Stonze have now been accepted across the world for their real value as a genuine angling tool designed to assist the angler to catch more fish whether it be sea, game or coarse, as well as being environmentally sound unlike lead weights made from a toxic material with a poor carbon footprint.

At a time when we have seen the recent directive by EFTTA for the phasing out of lead in angling, especially weights, throughout Europe due to its toxicity and an impending lead ban in California, such recognition of the Stonze becomes even more relevant.

This is a proud day for all of us; our friends, family and the many trade colleagues who have supported us on the Stonze journey to date, and this award is for them as much as us.”