Why Choose Pallatrax

We strive to be the best and offer the best, and feel that this can only be achieved if we question everything: pull everything apart, look at it from all angles then put it back together in the best way that we know how. Try to think like a fish, as well as an angler. Look at how a fish feeds and what it feeds on and try to mimic this. Look at what spooks a fish and try to remove or reduce the apparent danger.

After watercraft, bait is the next most important thing. You’ve found the fish, now you need to get them to feed. Just because a boilie is round, red and smells of strawberries, doesn’t mean that all strawberry boilies on the market are the same. There are bait manufacturers out there who will readily use substandard ingredients, pack the bait with preservatives and MPG, so they can be made quickly and cheaply. We don’t compromise and we only use the best grade ingredients, human grade wherever possible (so long as it’s good for the fish), fresh liquid egg and a proven, safe preservative combined with a unique drying process. We strongly believe that fish can tell the difference between quality baits.

Then there’s the weight to consider. A ‘camouflaged’ lead weight is only camouflaged to the human eye, so pull it apart and think like a fish. Some waters are clear and so there is the potential that a fish will see your weight, but in the dark, murky depths of other waters or at night, this cannot be the case.

The fact that a fish’s eyes are on the side of its head, so they don’t see like us, is also a forgotten factor. Then there’s all of their highly efficient sensors running throughout their bodies allowing them to detect danger, food, etc., in even the most appalling conditions. It’s a fact that fish have the ability to sense the lead and the potential danger surrounding such an obtrusive piece of tackle. Why wouldn’t fish know that? They live and die in their home bodies of water, so are we naïve to believe they can’t tell the difference between something natural and something unnatural?

The Stonze weights are a natural approach, doing the job of a lead weight but with many additional benefits from being the perfect method feeder to taking on a flavour for added attractant. Stones are naturally occurring in water courses, even if not obviously visible to the human eye, and so will not spook the fish..

Every day can be a learning day and you have our assurance that we will continue to question, research, develop and innovate new products and tactics and continue to push the boundaries within modern angling.