Are fishing lead eject systems responsible for littering our waterways?

Are fishing lead eject systems responsible for littering our waterways?

Good morning one and all.

Many of you who know me will appreciate that for years I have been trying to have my views ‘heard’ on the intentional discharge of toxic lead weights into our water ways, which is now into the 1000’s of tons, as well as my belief that the bait industry should be regulated. Pollution is a huge killer of fish and biomass and, though I have tried to highlight with the EA and AT, it has unfortunately fallen on deaf ears.

I have this morning met with the Cabinet Minister, and Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox. As you can imagine he was appalled by the lead eject systems responsible for littering our waterways with vast tonnage of toxic lead as well as well as being astounded that baits are unregulated. Now armed with the facts he will be liaising with the Secretary of State, Director General of the Environment Agency and other government bodies to seek answers and swift action.

As you can imagine, this has been an emotional time and to be finally heard at such a high level is a fantastic move in the right direction. Please feel free to SHARE this as the more we can publicise the more chance that we can force a common sense change to protect our waters for generations to come.

Being labelled a Pariah by certain quarters meant my stance has effected both my family and my business, but I have always only looked at the facts and it is sad that some, especially within my industry, have condemned me. We are Ambassadors to the environment and I now feel I have shed, and shared, a huge burden – let’s pray that action is taken, though I fear that for some waters it is already too late.

Again, can I thank all of you for your kind support of late; it has meant so much to me when faced with so much negativity.

Kind regards, Simon.

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