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Pallatrax is an innovative fishing tackle and bait company with an established reputation as a professional supplier of unique and high quality fishing tackle and baits that are incredibly successful for the angler whilst, at the same time, being sympathetic towards the environment and recreational fisheries in particular.

Pallatrax’s base philosophy comes from our own fishery management history. The company was started, by design, to provide a positive fishery management tool with product ranges developed to give a host of advantages that benefit both the angler and the fishery, including:

  • Pallatrax baits are produced in our own modern UK factory and have been designed as a supplementary feed programme for the fish in the fishery, but also offer an additional diet to the general biomass of the water.
  • Our comprehensive multi-species bait ranges have been designed with water quality in mind. Poor quality baits are becoming a greater concern to fishery owners with some base mixes having little, if any, nutritional value and may contain ingredients which can have a negative impact on the water courses.
  • With Pallatrax, the angler’s experience is enhanced due to increased catch rates, brought on by healthier and larger fish through the baits’ design.
  • Our products and tactics are easy to use, simple and effective: they really do help the angler to Catch More Fish.
  • Your fishery’s stock value of fish increases due to their healthy weight gain achieved through the supplementary feed programme that the bait ranges can achieve.
  • Our exclusive Stonze natural fishing weights are a genuine angling tool that can increase the anglers catch rate, whilst at the same time removing the fisheries understandable concerns in regards to the use of toxic lead weights. With more pressure for a total lead ban likely in the future, Stonze offer a better and genuine replacement to lead weights with a host of proven advantages.
  • Pallatrax have developed the next generation in hook design in Gripz – a hook that is extremely effective whilst also seeking to decrease the chance of damage to the fish’s mouth.
  • Pallatrax offer a comprehensive and successful range of products, both bait and terminal tackle, which will provide your fishery with a highly profitable new income stream which, at the same time, serves as an efficient fishery management tool – a win-win model for all concerned.

Pallatrax has been designed to be a genuine fishery management tool and, as such, has been garnering the attention of many fisheries both in the UK and abroad, who appreciate our common sense and factually supported ethos. Our reputable client base includes high profile fisheries such as France’s famous Echo Pool, South West Lakes Trust (South West Water), TopCats Of Thailand and Advanced Angling’s Burghfield Complex, to name but a few. This growing list who have joined the Pallatrax Associated Fishery Scheme all benefit from Pallatrax’s philosophy and we work hard to promote their complexes through our successful media strategies, e.g. profile on our website and other social media platforms.

“Echo Pool teamed up with Pallatrax for the start of 2016. We have an extremely high standard for fish welfare here at Echo Pool and we were keen to get on board with a bait company that could provide our carp with a good food source as well a wide range of options for our anglers.

We are now coming to the end of our season and it has worked exceptionally well. Our fish are looking superb and the weights are good.

Customer service from both Simon and Tini at Pallatrax has been excellent, they have spent many hours over the season talking to our customers and explaining all about their products, which has been very much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing what 2017 will bring with Pallatrax.”

Andy & Tasha WalkerOwners - Echo Pool

“Advanced Angling Group are passionate about the growth and health of our fish and venues, therefore we strongly recommend using Pallatrax products and baits.

Their superior, natural ingredients and innovative products are outstanding. The quality and reliability of the Gripz hooks, Stonze System and terminal tackle really help us catch more fish and look after the long term health of our waters.

The Pallatrax team are a highly professional company that want to do everything they can to support the Angler and Fisheries around the world.”

Phil GreenacreGroup Director - Advanced Angling Group

“South West Lakes Trust is the largest provider of coarse fisheries in the South West and we are delighted to have all of our fisheries associated with Pallatrax.

We are strongly behind the Pallatrax brand and stock a wide range of bait and tackle at Upper Tamar Lake near Bude. It is very important to us that anglers’ bait and tackle is not detrimental to our fisheries and by promoting Pallatrax products and working with them going forwards we can ensure that not only our fish will thrive, but the rest of the eco system within our lakes will also be improved. The majority of our lakes are used for drinking water, so the more anglers that use environmentally friendly products the better the water quality will be.

Having developed our working relationship over many years, we now run a series of Pallatrax Carp Open competitions at Upper Tamar Lake, providing anglers with a great chance of some massive cash prizes as well as great Pallatrax goody bags and really fun, well run competitions.

The products Pallatrax provide, as well as the technical advice Pallatrax gives, is excellent and I am excited by what the future will bring through our partnership working.”

Ben SmeethFisheries Manager - South West Lakes Trust

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