Barbel Fishing The River Wye Llanthomas fishery in Herefordshire

Barbel Fishing The River Wye Llanthomas fishery in Herefordshire

Historically Barbel fishing has incorporated the use of man made leads and long hook links but what if there was another way, even a better way? A common sense approach that increases the odds of the angler catching those wary Barbel and Chub on a consistent basis using well designed tactics and baits – wouldn’t you be interested? A little known fact is that the British record Barbel was consistently caught on a set up to include a natural Pallatrax Stonze weight which it didn’t spook off (like it was seen to do off man made leads and feeders). Using a Stonze as the weight and then incorporating a Pallatrax ‘Stumpy’ Hair Rig (@3.5”) has now been proven to be a devastating tactic for all species, and that includes Barbel and Chub.

This superb tactic is further enhanced by using baits specifically designed to target Barbel and Chub and within Pallatrax’s bait ‘arsenal’ you have an exciting choice with baits like the Meat Beast Squabs – a pink, pillow shaped boiled bait format that is hard for the fish to eject and absolutely full of flavours and enhancers to attract – and catch.

Wrap the Squab with a lump of the same paste and fish with the Stonze System catches time and time again. The Stonze System makes sense, good for the angler, catches more and is environmentally friendly – a winner on all fronts!!

Here we see a short film shot this month (July 2018) where the tactics and baits were taken onto the beautiful River Wye (Llanthomas fishery) in Herefordshire. The conditions were far from ideal, in the middle of a heat wave, water levels really low and fish hard to locate. Though the odds were against and fish not being reported on numerous stretches the ‘System’ yet again performed and you’ll see barbel and Chub that were fooled by a fishing system that is unique, innovative and very exciting.

Find out more about Stonze Fishing Weights here –

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  • alan richardson Reply

    strange gear goes in inline stone out a swivel ?

    27th April 2019 at 2:24 pm

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