Best Fishing Hooks For Carp

Best fishing hooks for carp

Best Fishing Hooks For Carp

As any good carp angler will appreciate your hook is a vitally important part of your set up and only a high-quality hook should be considered. In a market place saturated with choice, Pallatrax has now developed the next generation in carp hooks with the Gripz design, which we firmly believe is far superior to both the historic options within barbed and barbless. Pallatrax feels they have developed one of the best carp fishing hooks on the market. Of course, such a huge statement could be considered as contrived but we can promise you that this is far from the case when you see the huge amount of carp anglers now converting to, and catching on Gripz hooks and the many unbiased and rave reviews that the Gripz hooks receive.

Just think, a totally new hook design, not just another pattern. Gripz hooks are made from the highest quality Japanese wire, super strong and so incredibly sharp through the cutting point manufacturing process. Then you have the addition of the patented Gripz ‘grooves’ which under pressure results in an incredibly safe hook hold which gives both angler confidence and alleviates any mouth damage – especially when you consider the problems of movement and the hook ‘skipping’ from barbless patterns. It really was no surprise then when the Gripz was awarded an International Green Apple Award for their environmental benefits compared to other hook designs – the only hook design to ever have received such a genuine accolade.

Pallatrax’s mission statement has only ever been about producing products of the highest quality that help the angler to consistently catch more fish in a safe and responsible manner and we can assure you that our Gripz Carp hooks, in their different patterns and sizes, do just that.

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