The Best Method Feeder Mixes For Fishing – Tank Test

The Best Method Feeder Mixes For Fishing – Tank Test

Our highly researched and comprehensive range of complex Groundbaits / Method mixes has been developed using only the finest quality ingredients, with breakdown times and base consistency of paramount importance.

Our groundbaits are recognised by fish as a nutritional balanced food source which they want to eat, packed with naturally occurring amino acids and fish feeding stimulants.

We suggest mixing with the lake or river water to the desired consistency for either balling out or wrapping around your method feeder – our Stonze weights being the perfect choice.

Boost Your Method Mix / Groundbaits with our Dried Naturals

One of our five dried natural food source bait additives, gammarus shrimp, highly rich in protein and nutrients, they have a wide variety of uses.

Whatever your target species, the possibilities are endless. Due to the bait’s dried format they are a remarkable additive to your Ground baits, Method Mixes and Stick Mixes enabling you manipulate the breakdown times of your mixes with highly active fish attractants, or simply incorporate them into your own boilies to give added natural temptation.

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