Gripz Hooks – The Best & Sharpest Carp Fishing Hook 2017

Gripz Hooks – The Best & Sharpest Carp Fishing Hook 2017

Gripz Carp Fishing Hook – Better by Design.

Historically anglers have had only ever had two options in a carp fishing hook design, Barbed and Barbless – yes there are thousands of patterns of fishing hooks but these patterns are then put onto the two accepted designs. In truth, these two designs have become second nature and little thought, if any, has been made to seek to improve on these two formats that have been around for centuries. But what if……….?

Pallatrax has always looked to innovate, especially in regards to our terminal fishing tackle and baits, so with carp fishing hook patterns and designs being an obvious area for scrutiny we started to research on how to improve on Barbed and Barbless – no mean feat but where there’s a will there’s a way!

Our first stage was to identify the best carp hook pattern to work with which we could then look to incorporate within the new, and therefore now third, carp fishing hook design and it wasn’t difficult to decide on the hugely popular Wide Gape pattern. Wide Gapes are possibly the most popular fishing hook pattern of its type across Europe, whatever species you are seeking, and is particularly a favourite amongst carp and other specimen anglers.

In essence, a barbed hook is named after the barb within the inside section of the hooks point and barbless named by the lack of a barb so this seemed the obvious area to research and develop a new design. In our studies, we found an exclusive and proven manufacturing process where we could get a series of horizontal grooves (Gripz) machined into the same area where the barb would normally be. These tiny grooves may appear insignificant to the naked eye but be rest assured they change the whole dynamic of the standard designs and result in genuine improvements that have been proven both within the field testing and since their launch in day to day angling situations.

We’ve always been firm believers that fish on the bank in numbers gives a true reflection of the success of our products and with Gripz it is no different. The benefits below are undeniable and we are seeing a huge move by both fisheries and anglers to embrace the design and make it their best choice of fishing hook.

The Pallatrax Gripz design gives for a firm hook hold with minimal movement when under pressure alleviating the concern of Barbless patterns slipping and causing mouth damage.

As soon as the pressure is released the carp fishing hook is easily removed, even by the inexperienced, again lessening any mouth damage.

If the carp trails a hook link with a Gripz, unlike barbed hooks, the fish can easily get rid of the hook thus removing the concerns of a ‘hung’ up fish.

Gripz are manufactured incorporating a cutting point finish to the hook point section. This makes for a hook design which has drawn comments from anglers and the angling media as the sharpest hook straight out of a packet. These really are ridiculously sharp hooks and we firmly believe is another reason why we are connecting with so many pick-ups.

Made in Japan – Japanese hook manufacturing is known to be of only the highest quality and here is a prime example of manufacturing to only the highest standard utilising only the best materials available.

Individually checked – each Gripz carp hook is individually checked  before being packed to ensure that they pass quality control.

Currently the Pallatrax Gripz are available in three sizes (6, 8 and 10) within the Wide Gape pattern and these will be joined by new sizes; 2, 4, 12, 14 and 16 in August this year (2017). Going forward we are now developing a Catfish Gripz as well as Trebles Gripz and a number of new Carp and multi species Gripz patterns.

With this comprehensive Gripz range now coming onto the market we are seeing serious fisheries, who currently only allow barbless, looking to support the Gripz design for its proven fishery and angler benefits, and in some cases they are considering banning barbless to go Gripz only. Gillhams in Thailand is a prime example of this who has gone Stonze and Gripz only.

True innovation within angling is unfortunately almost non-existent, certainly within the carp fishing hook sector, but that has now changed forever with Gripz. We all now have a superb new hook design that has obvious, and recognised, improvements over Barbed and Barbless for both fishery welfare and angler satisfaction, a genuine win-win. Of course, as the manufacture any accolade we give opens us up for cynicism but the simple truth is, like us, once you’ve fished on this design you can only be impressed as you can see from the following independent customer reviews.

Having just joined a club with a barbless hook rule and never liking using them, the gripz were the only option, great hook hold and very strong hook, would recommend.

Rob ParkerGripz Fishing Hooks

Great Hooks good price I have had carp to over 40 lbs and land with great hook hold give them a go

Terence HuntGripz Fishing Hooks

One of the best evolutions of hooks to appear. Hook holds are superb & removal from fish is easy with minimal damage to fishes mouth. Ideal for anglers with limited hook removal experience.

Peter HermanGripz Fishing Hooks

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