Boosting The Attraction To Your Fishing Hook Bait

Boosting The Attraction To Your Fishing Hook Bait

Boosting the attraction to your hook bait is a huge advantage and can make a massive difference to increase your catch rate.

Getting a fish to find you bait can always be a challenge when it can be hidden amongst the debris on the waters bed, or in murky and dark conditions, but by boosting it can be much easier, and quicker, for a fish to locate through their heightened senses of taste and smell through the water columns.

In this film we have the hook bait, a Crave Squab (Plum, Crab and Cranberry flavours), wrapped in Crave Paste, dipped in Crave Liquidz and rolled in a dry mix which after casting into position will quickly start to breakdown, thus releasing a potent ‘scent’ trail for the fish to home in. You will also see that we use the natural Stonze weight as a Method Feeder by wrapping the Daphnia and Maggot Crush around the Stonze.

We honestly believe Stonze to be a huge edge – when the mix breaks down you just have a natural stone instead of an obtrusive man-made feeder of lead and plastic, something we appreciate wary fish can spook away from.

Another set of products and tactics from the Pallatrax ‘stable’ designed to help you to Catch More Fish – good luck and if you ever have any questions always feel free to contact us via: or Tel: 00 44 (0)1409 240042

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