Can’t Cast A Pallatrax Stonze Natural Stone Fishing Weight??

Can’t Cast A Pallatrax Stonze Natural Stone Fishing Weight??

Pallatrax’s natural Stonze Fishing weights have caused a revolution within fishing as more and more anglers gravitate towards this genuine angling tool.

These internationally award winning fishing weights, Stonze, are both a serious angling edge as well as having a wealth of true environmental benefits over the increasingly criticised toxic lead fishing weight. Just think, a natural and non-toxic fishing weight that combats anglers’ concerns of wary fish that we know can spook off man-made weights.

An angling tool that is both the perfect method feeder as the method mix easily sticks to the Pallatrax Stonze pitted surface, and when your mix breaks down reveals only a natural stone, and not the obtrusive, toxic and man-made method feeders of the modern era.

Pallatrax Stonze can also be easily flavoured using a water based flavour as they are porous and therefore adding even more attractant into your baited area. A fishing weight but so much more!

BUT a few have suggested that these weights cannot be cast effectively or at great distances. Obviously this can never be the case; a weight is a weight and, as long as your Stonze are of a reasonably aerodynamic shape, any good angler can easily cast them effectively.

On this short film you will see two of Team Pallatrax’s anglers, Darren and Martin who shot this Stonze casting footage on their recent trip to the banks of the famous Wrasbury Fishery.

Selecting a 2.5 ounce Stonze was hitting the clip at an impressive 140 yards and we think this more than answers the question of those who have said Stonze don’t cast – because they do!

We also know that they can be cast accurately even further with balanced tackle and a selected Stonze.

Pallatrax Stonze cast and will help you to Catch More Fish!

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