Carpinsula Fishery in Belgium goes Non-Toxic.

Carpinsula Fishery in Belgium goes Non-Toxic.

Carpinsula Fishery In Belgium Goes Non-Toxic!

It is only three years ago that Jelle Eurlings, the owner, started his lifetime project in an abandoned nature reserve in Belgium named Carpinsula. He turned this no-man-land into a real carp fishing paradise with only one goal in mind; bringing carp fishing and nature together with leaving the smallest footprint possible! In keeping with his ethos, Jelle insists that all anglers fish with non-toxic fishing weights, and is now stocking our Stonze fishing weights.
After three years of intense preparations, it is his pleasure to introduce to you 4 different idyllic lakes. All just for a maximum of two anglers!
For more information on the lakes, visit the Carp Specialist website.

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