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Pallatrax Fishing news covers carp fishing, specimen hunting, match fishing and much more! We love to cover latest angling news that includes industry news, and exciting new products.

Here you will find lots of exciting news articles relating to everything about fishing.

Carpinsula Fishery in Belgium goes Non-Toxic.

Carpinsula Fishery In Belgium Goes Non-Toxic! It is only three years ago that Jelle Eurlings, the owner, started his lifetime project in an abandoned nature reserve in Belgium named Carpinsula. He turned this no-man-land into a real carp fishing paradise with only one goal in mind; bringing carp fishing and nature together with leaving the smallest footprint possible! In keeping with his ethos, Jelle insists that all anglers fish with non-toxic fishing weights, and is now stocking our Stonze fishing weights. After three years of intense preparations, it is his pleasure to introduce to you 4 different idyllic lakes. All just for a...

Pallatrax Sponsors Polish Anglers Association Coarse Fishing Grand Prix 2019

The Polish Anglers Association (PAA) is hosting a Coarse Fishing Grand Prix with matches at various locations across the UK this year. Sponsored by Pallatrax, manufacturers of baits, weights, and terminal tackle for better catch rates and healthier fish, the matches present an exciting opportunity for anglers of all ages to win a Pallatrax voucher or a cash prize.

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