Catch More Fish TV

Catch More Fish TV will show you various members of Team Pallatrax taking our unique and innovative products, far and wide and proving that our products and tactics really do help you to catch more fish.

Over the next few months you will see more and more video’s from our team members and from Simon Pomeroy, using our fishing products.

Here at Pallatrax Catch More Fish TV we have filmed a number of short fishing video clips to show you how to get the best from Pallatrax products.

One of the main bottlenecks for Pallatrax to get our success story across to the larger angling fraternity has been a distinct disinterest by certain media organisations to promote the facts as they clearly are i.e. we do catch an awful lot of fish but with tactics and products that do not fit in with what the mainstream companies are pushing.

Catch More Fish TV has been formed to give anglers a genuine insight into Pallatrax and the how and why we are catching so many fish both in the UK and across the world. With professionally shot films we can now give you clear and concise explanation which we are convinced will both increase your catch rates safely and enhance your whole angling experience.

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