Dan Carey And His First Trip To Lac Du Peupliers, France

Dan Carey And His First Trip To Lac Du Peupliers, France

Dan Carey has just returned from his first trip to Lac du Peupliers, France and sent us this report:

“Wow! What a Week!  After the overnight ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff and a 3 hour drive, we finally arrived at Lac du Peupliers.  After drawing straws, I got last pick but actually ended up in my first choice; on the social bank.  Knowing that the lads the week before found the fishing hard going, I decided not to put out any free offerings over two of my rods which were placed 6 inches from the island between the trees and under the canopy with a cheeky little Jungle Squab pop-up.  I set my third rod on my left margin with a small handful of Jungle Squab freebies and Jungle Squab pop-up for my hookbait.  My rods couldn’t have been out more than an hour when two single beeps on my middle rod turned into a battle that produced a fish of a lifetime! 65lb 2oz – a stunning brute of a Mirror known as ‘Dave’s fish’.

I then spent the next frustrating week tearing my hair out trying every trick in every book I could imagine from baited areas, sick mixes, singles, casting at fizzes, stalking margins and casting at showing fish but the fish just weren’t interested.  I’d stopped introducing any bait from the Wednesday night as they didn’t seem to be having it. This paid off on the Friday afternoon as once again a Jungle Squab pop-up placed tight to the island under the canopy roared off with a 20lb Catfish, shortly followed by a stunning 22lb Common.

A few hours passed with little or no signs of fish in the area, until a small disturbance tight to the island caught my eye whilst I was packing up, so I cast out to the spot and within seconds of placing the rod in its rest it tore off and, after a long hard battle, I slipped the net under a stunning 50lb 2oz Mirror to close my account at Lac du Peupliers; mission complete.”

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