Darren Hilton From Carp Couture Hits Europe For A Session

Darren Hilton From Carp Couture Hits Europe For A Session

A fantastic catch report from Darren Hilton, from Carp Couture. What a great time I’ve had over the last week. We started the week fishing a low stick pit in Germany where I caught my first German carp but after that we couldn’t seem to get the fish interested due to the heat there. The owner said we had done well to get one fish in that heat as it doesn’t fish well when it’s hot.

So, we decided to move and try something neither of us had done before and travelled 360 miles to a stretch of canal in Holland. It opened our eyes massively to the unknown that lies in these urban canals.

We learnt so much over the next 4 nights the fishing was very hard again due to weather touching 40 degrees, but we managed to snare a fish each they were both our first carp from Holland and our first carp from a canal.

Darren Hilton used the Pallatrax Gripz Straight point Hooks for the first time, he quoted “I have never seen hooks that are so sharp come straight out of a packet”

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