Dropping The Lead – A Pressing Issue Of Our Time

Dropping The Lead – A Pressing Issue Of Our Time

Pallatrax has always been against the reckless loss of huge amounts of lead weights into the environment by certain anglers, and the industry, in general, supporting the jettisoning of these leads (as well as promoting this as fish safe!) – and now an independent voice of reason which gives shocking clarity to this woeful practice.

This well researched open letter addressed to Mark Lloyd of the Angling Trust must surely now be the start of a change, a change for the good, to stop this and to protect the environment we fish in, the fish we endeavour to catch, water quality and the substrate where the fisheries life forms live. If Mark Lloyd and the Angling Trust continue to ignore then questions must be asked and pressure bought to bear – it is their responsibility. Fortunately as an open letter there is also a long list of influential recipients who have also now seen this letter and will no doubt take independent action whatever the Angling Trust’s stance is.

Historically they have told me it is not a problem – when is the depositing of a known toxin into our waterways, now potentially in the 1000’s of tons over the past three decades, a non issue ()by the body who is there to highlight and fight against pollution .

Please take the time to read this incredibly important letter and then share to as many people you know so we can all help and put common sense first to put and stop this once and for all. We are the protectors of the environment we fish within and in not supporting this in view of the factual evidence that Dr Stuart McLanaghan I would seriously question why? Simon Pomeroy.

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