Is dumping fishing leads an acceptable practice?

Is dumping fishing leads an acceptable practice?

Team Pallatrax attended this week’s Carp Society’s Open weekend where we met friends new and old, talked fishing, highlighted tactics through demonstrations and generally had fun. At these events, it’s not uncommon to get a tiny amount of Pallatrax detractors regarding our position on the dumping of leads i.e. we hate it, think the implications for the negative environmental impact is massive, it contravenes the Water Resources Act and is basically reckless on all fronts. The position that it is for fish safety (where’s the evidence other than what the angler is told?) is completely flawed (do we dump method feeders?) and though some of ‘influences’ within the industry state my stance is because I want to sell more Stonze I can assure you that isn’t, and never has been the case – as I don’t support the dumping of whatever weight. I class dumping the lead in such reckless fashion as ‘catching at all costs’ and when you really research the problem as I have the facts are clearly there for all to see – and we’re now talking thousands of tonnes irretrievably lost through a potentially illegal action.

Now at the show a particular angler (one of a growing minority) approached our stand and basically slated the Stonze even though he’d never used them, didn’t see the point, too expensive (though handmade and costing far more than lead to manufacture) and was really just rude. With that he said that leads were far better and the week before fishing his own lakes he’s ‘had’ to lose 40 three ounce leads in one session. My reply is that I believed it was fishing at all costs, which he stated he found such a reply offensive. I then pointed out that I found it even more offensive that he had dumped 120 ounces of lead (a known toxin) into his own water course, which was far more offensive with zero concern of the impact that such action would have within the delicate balance of the substrate life.

I’m not here for confrontation, but this is just one angler on one session – surely this promoted trend is wrong and has to be stopped – what do you think?

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