Echo Pool tie-in. Pallatrax announce a tie in with famous French big carp water.

Echo Pool tie-in. Pallatrax announce a tie in with famous French big carp water.

Pallatrax are extremely pleased to be able to announce that they have become the official bait and terminal tackle supplier of the renowned French carp water, Echo Pool, home to carp grown to in excess of 80lb under the careful guidance of owners, Andy and Tasha Walker.

Simon Pomeroy, Pallatrax’s MD stated, “After a very exciting 2015 this really is the icing on the cake for Pallatrax on both a personal and professional level! Our whole business ethos has always revolved around bait and terminal tackle ranges that are as much fishery management tools as well as being high quality and innovative products that assist the angler to genuinely catch more fish. To have such an iconic fishery recognise and respect our products is both an honour for the company as well as an accolade to all the people behind the scenes at Pallatrax. The massive carp that inhabit this incredible fishery have already taken a liking to our baits, especially Multiworm, and we’re confident that this will both continue and grow as the biomass accept our baits as the supplementary diet they are designed as.” 

“As experienced fishery owners, Andy and Tasha have put their confidence in Pallatrax as they are fully aware of the many pitfalls with the introduction of poor quality baits into land locked waters, as well as seeing the now acknowledged negative issues of toxic lead weights. As soon as we met the synergy to form our relationship was obvious and I’m truly excited over what can only be described as a genuinely unique opportunity whilst at the same time acknowledging that our association will undoubtedly garner further interest and credibility in the Pallatrax brands.”

Andy Walker, co – owner of Echo Pool, along with his wife Tasha, stated, “Tasha and I are extremely pleased to announce a long term collaboration between Echo Pool and Pallatrax. It is obvious that the team at Pallatrax have the same ethical values as we do and their baits and ranges are designed with fishery management in mind as well as understanding the wants of the serious carp anglers who visit our lake.”

“This season has seen the poorest catch reports and the worst growth weights since we opened and, though there could be several factors for this, I strongly believe the main reason is down to poor quality ingredients within many modern baits – in particular boilies. When our previously trusted bait supplier closed down, we had no other option than to allow anglers to choose and bring their own bait and I now know, having collated substantive proof, that many massed produced carp baits do nothing more than catch, giving nothing back to the fish or fishery. If we were to allow this to carry on we could soon see problems with our fish and water quality, something no forward thinking fishery can afford to fail to realise.”12360083_10153674121573950_8015294299564846748_n

“From 2016 onwards, we will be insisting that anglers can only use bait products from Pallatrax as they have considered the fisheries’ needs as well as the anglers’. This may sound a bit restricting, but it will actually give our anglers more options when it comes to baiting as we will be allowing the entire Pallatrax product range rather than just boilies.”

“With the new EU directive informing us of the probability of a lead ban within the fishing industry, as well as requesting the industry to start phasing out in preparation for such a ban, we have also revisited our fisheries rules in respect to the use of lead weights. With the negative potential of toxic lead within fishing now considered a serious risk to both the environment and anglers (especially children) we will be banning lead from our fishery when we reopen in 2016. There are several non-toxic alternatives on the market, including Pallatrax’s natural stone ‘Stonze’ weights, that are more than capable of replacing lead, so it easy for us to make such a common sense decision.”





For further information in regards to this statement please contact:

Simon Pomeroy
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Telephone: 01409 240042
Mobile: 07415 989989
Echo Pool
Tasha Walker
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Pictures courtesy of Echo Pools

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