The Environmental Angling Benefits of Stone Fishing Weights

The Environmental Angling Benefits of Stone Fishing Weights

The Stonze fishing weights / fishing sinkers are a genuine angling product that can assist the user both in catching more fish, as well having serious and obvious benefits to allay the concerns over lead, and therefore toxic, weights.

Our patented natural stone angling weights have international recognition within environmental bodies including most recently being awarded the coveted Green Apple award. These prestigious awards have been awarded as our unique fishing weights dismiss the need for using lead weights as they are made from natural stone pebbles and are therefore non-toxic. The handmade fishing weights also have very little carbon footprint within their manufacture, unlike lead and other man-made alternatives. We truly have a win-win situation for the majority of angling situations where a weight is needed that has a mass of angling benefits i.e. use Stonze as a general weight, a superb method feeder – you can even flavour the porous Stonze to bring more attraction into your fishing area, along with the positive of being non-toxic.

Anglers have used and lost literally thousands of tons of lead irretrievably into our water ways – something that has been done with little concern for the environmental impact that the littering of such toxic elements may have now or in the future. This is not anything we should be proud of as surely all anglers are Ambassadors to their sport and such reckless practice on a huge scale can only open the sport to criticism i.e. this can only be viewed independently as irresponsible and an unjustifiable practice. If you are going to lose your weight on purpose surely you shouldn’t be dumping a toxic element amongst the very substrate where the water systems life is born. Nothing will live on lead weights as nothing can – it is a natural poison and nature quickly recognises such. Just think when lead weights are retrieved after years of being submerged and you will see no life forms on them whatsoever. Fish safe and acknowledge that lead is on the point of being banned in various instances, especially as there is growing factual acknowledgement by accredited bodies that handling lead, especially within children, can lead to their potential ill health.

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