Finygo Mobile Fishing App & Pallatrax Join Angling Forces

Finygo Mobile Fishing App & Pallatrax Join Angling Forces

The fishing app Finygo and bait manufacturer Pallatrax have joined forces. They promise to bring carp anglers the very best innovative products to help them to catch more fish.

Chris Atkinson, CEO at Finygo, commented ‘From the minute Pallatrax spoke to me about the ‘Stonze’ system, its stealthy approach, and its environmental benefits I felt we were a perfect fit. A big part of Finygo is to help anglers select the right bait and tactics, so we are really excited to partner with Pallatrax who we know provide a number of amazingly effective products’.

Pallatrax’s MD Simon Pomeroy added; “Pallatrax is always looking for angling edges to catch more fish and with this fantastic app users have a new form of watercraft. It embraces both historic ‘old school’ approaches in combination with the advantages of the ‘app’ generation,  interesting, informative, addictive and effective”.

Pallatrax baits are listed inside the app, and over the coming months the two companies will work closely together in a number of exciting ways: providing anglers with quality terminal tackle, venues and the knowledge of when and how to fish them.

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