Five carpy gifts from Santa – James Wenglorz

24lb of Christmas gold

Five carpy gifts from Santa – James Wenglorz

I arrived at my syndicate water around mid-day Monday for a pre-Christmas session with the hope of one of the ponds gems making an early present. I settled on a swim that has been kind to me this year and with the weather being so mild compared to previous years, I was very confident of picking something up.

Having set up home, I scattered around 30 baits on each of my chosen spots before placing the rigs. There was quite a strong south westerly blowing across the swim from right to left which made casting a little trickier than usual, but after a few attempts both rods were out where they needed to be.

20lb 2oz
20lb 2oz of home grown bar of gold

One of our members, Steve, was float fishing for perch in the swim next to me and after catching a stonking Stripy of 3lb 3oz along with a few others, he decided to call it a day just as the heavens opened.

Once the rain had eased off I decided to put my third rod in the swim right next door to me no more than five yards away. With three good spots covered I sat down for a cuppa taking in the last hour or so of daylight.

The evening was quiet on the fish front however I was woken early the next morning to an absolute belter on the open water rod. After giving a great account of itself I netted a lovely common which nudged the scales to 20lb 2oz, which was the first of our home grown commons to hit the 20lb mark so I was dead chuffed.

17lb 2oz
Another bar of winter gold

After getting the rod back out I topped up the spot with another 20 baits and made myself a celebratory cuppa. Nothing else occurred until around 14:00 when the rod in the swim next door rattled off with a nice 17lb 2oz common. No sooner had Andy, a guest at the lake netted it for me, my other rod was away with a feisty little ghost common of just over 9lb.

After doing a few quick photos for me, Andy went back to get his rods out as they were clearly on the feed. I wasted no time in getting the two rods back out and gave them some more of Pallatrax’s finest cuisine!

13lb 8oz
A stunner that was last out over two years ago at 5lb

At 18:30 the rod next door was away again, the fish swam straight towards me and was virtually under the rod tip before I knew it. Once I was back in full contact, I soon realised it was one of the lakes A team which was soon resting in the net. Following quick inspection, I could see it was the lakes biggest common which went 24lb on the button.

A few friends came around to do the photos for me and after thanking them for their assistance they were soon on their way. Around 10 minutes later the next rod was away and which resulted in a stunning little home grown mirror of 13lb 8oz. 

No more action occurred during the night and I had to be away early the next morning to sort out some last minute Christmas preparations.

All fish were caught using Pallatrax’s Crave and Multiworm 18mm bottom baits fished as a snowman. They were attached to the ever reliable Steamlink in 15lb and fished in conjunction with a size 6 ‘The hook’ and a couple of blobs of Pallatrax rig putty.

24lb of Christmas gold
24lb of Christmas gold

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