Fosters and Reynolds Join The Pallatrax Associated Fishery Scheme

Fosters and Reynolds Join The Pallatrax Associated Fishery Scheme

Pallatrax is excited to announce more fisheries have joined our international flagship fishery initiative – The Pallatrax Associated Fishery Scheme. As of today the well known fisheries consortium of Fosters and Reynolds have joined this exclusive Scheme which focuses on combining safe angling practices that work in harmony within fish and fishery management.

Pallatrax MD Simon Pomeroy stated” This is another fantastic set of fisheries with forward thinking owners who appreciate that the Scheme brings a wealth of experience along with a proven fishery management tool that is unique within the fishing industry. With more and more fisheries concerned about their water quality, especially through the dropping of toxic lead or the introduction of poor quality baits which can be a major concern in regards to water quality, the Pallatrax Associated Fishery Scheme addresses these very real concerns along with a host of other benefits”

The consortium currently has five lakes in the Birmingham area and hold specimen Carp, Pike, Tench, Bream as well as other species. These well known lakes; The Manor complex (Specimen Lake and Willow Lake), Little Ashton, Penn’s Lake and The Farm are already established and with a progressive management plan the future looks to be exciting.

Eddie Wills, Foster and Reynolds Fishery manager stated

“Triumph over disaster

During 2017, Fosters and Reynolds Fisheries was one of many waters in the Midlands to be hit by a big fish kill. The out come was severe and upsetting to all of our staff, bailiffs and supportive members. The reason for the devastation was scientifically unknown and was put down to the increasingly common disease known as KHV.

As a result of the impact KHV had upon the fishery, Darren and Richard made a decision to put a management team in place to rejuvenate and further develop one of their golden waters, The Manor. Whilst never forgetting what has been lost, we harnessed the upsetting memories as experience and we are now moving forward as a stronger, knowledgable and forward thinking team. Growing stronger and striving for excellence within all of our endeavours.

It was apparent that exciting times were ahead of us when the newly appointed management team met together for the first time. A shared vision for progress, reformation and enlightenment formed the cornerstone of what is now Foster and Reynolds Fisheries. It was whilst developing this ethos and having the desire to become more aware of the fisheries core necessities, that we set of in search of an intuitive bait supplier. A bait supplier who not only sees carp as a triumph to be caught, or merely a prize to behold, but instead to look for a company who encompasses all these things as well as an understanding and sensitive approach to carp fishing. Appreciating carp for the stunning beauties that they are.

It was this search that led us to meet with the Pallatrax team and thus a new adventure began.”

For more information on these fisheries and membership opportunities please contact Eddie Wills directly on, mobile telephone number; 07891 022337.

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