Gary, Alex and Dwayne Green’s Trip to Lower Tamar

Gary, Alex and Dwayne Green’s Trip to Lower Tamar

Team members Gary, Alex and Dwayne recently visited the South West Lakes Trust Lower Tamar, helping themselves to some good sport in appalling conditions throughout their week stay. Fishing off the back of a strong, cold North Westerly wind, each picked slightly different spots ranging from a shallow 3ft bay, 5ft open water spots along with a deeper area dropping to around 8ft.

Within 24hrs Gary had his first fish from the shallows which was a stunning mirror caught on the Stonze system wrapped in Bloodworm and Maggot crush method mix, along with a 14mm Multiworm boilie wrapped in the matching paste. Alex was the next to catch from the deeper area when he put the net under a small common fishing the same system, but with a Jungle hookbait over a bed of ‘Crungle’.

Following a change in weather with torrential rain along with a big temperature drop, the carp seemed to switch off but bring some cracking Bream on the feed which saw the team land fish to over 8lb. Dwayne made a couple small changes to his presentation and was rewarded with four carp in 24hrs and a brace of 8lb+ Bream on Multiworm.

All in all a very enjoyable session for the team at this stunning venue.

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