Glugging A Hook Bait With Pallatrax Naturals Powderz

Glugging A Hook Bait With Pallatrax Naturals Powderz

The Pallatrax range of Powderz, shown here, is a 100% natural ingredient. Rich explains it here, in conjunction with the Glugs range, as a bait flare to enhance your hook bait further. However, this is its only use – there are so many more ways to incorporate our Naturals Powderz into your angling – dipping a glugged hook bait is only one of many.

Natural Powderz can be used as a glug additive, to make a paste, added to Maggots, ground baits and boilie mixes amongst others. There is no need to limit your fishing, whatever the species, there’s more than one approach or technique. There are so many other options to manipulate your hook baits for that extra edge and put fish on the bank.

With the Pallatrax range, we supply the quality products, innovation and question everything. Apart from that, the only limit is your imagination.

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