Gripz Carp Fishing Hooks – The Third Hook Design

Gripz Carp Fishing Hooks – The Third Hook Design

With the phenomenal success of this new and amazingly efficient hook design the next sizes of Gripz Wide Gape are on their way and should be with us in the next few weeks.

The existing 6, 8 and 10s will have sizes, 2, 4. 12, 14 and 16 added, which will cater for a whole host of different tactical approaches for a variety of species. The cutting point design makes this an incredibly sharp and ‘sticky’ hook point and combined with the unique Gripz grooves these really a the design for the future.

Over the coming months we will be adding further to the design with more successful patterns being added, so watch out for further updates and don’t forget to get a Gripz on it!!

A Fantastic Review From A Pallatrax Gripz Customer….

“One of my waters has a barbless only rule, and since using the Gripz I’ve not had a hook pull yet, including fish that have taken me into weedbeds. I’m more confident when I’m using these over normal barbless.”

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