Gripz Hooks Reviews

Gripz Hooks Reviews


Firstly, they’re ridiculously sharp. They are not a gimmick, they actually stay in the fish’s mouth. They are removed easily, The package is eco friendly. They work. I’ve caught more fish using Gripz then any other hook, so they are always my number 1 choice


I switched over to the Gripz, the Stonze and Pallatrax baits after Paul, the owner of Etang la Planchette, gave me some to try and now use them everywhere.


I use them as there are easier to remover and better than both barbless or micro barbed hooks


The biggest thing for me with the Gripz is the gauge of the wire. Most hooks on the market are so thick and definitely don’t have the development of the Gripz hook to catch, and their sharpness makes them the easiest choice for me.


Always a clean hook hold in the mouth and don’t have the struggle as I do with a barb and when the shake their head to Gripz stays in unlike barbless


I originally only bought a single pack, as I thought they may be a gimmick. I was 100% wrong. I also thought the same and again proven wrong with the trebles. Both are strong, well made and very sharp. The hooks hold in the fish’s mouth beautifully, unhook very easily, and surprisingly stay sharp longer than my old hooks. Will not change!


I’d had several hook issues in the past that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. Some could have been down to my handling that led to hook pulls and lost fish. But I had issues with hooks going dull, one couldn’t withstand being picked up by a cat that took my boilie and snapped the hook during the fight. I then found Pallatrax and gave the Gripz I’d won in a competition a try. And I’ve never looked back since. Never have I had a hook that gives 100% confidence every single cast. The design, the quality and the fish safety that comes with using them, money can’t buy


I started using them last season as I got a barbed hook quite deep in my finger whilst night fishing. So thought I’d give the Gripz a go and I’m really impressed with them. Not had a hook pull yet and they’re really easy to get out the fish’s mouth, so fish care is great.


For me it’s purely confidence. Since swapping to Gripz I haven’t dropped a fish and have used the same hook for well over a year and used countless times. That extra grip hold just gives me the confidence that if I hook a fish, I’ll get it on the bank. It wasn’t until I started using Gripz that I have total belief in my rigs. Gripz gives me the confidence to be the angler I know I can be….. “because you’re worth it”!


Like a lot of folk, when I first used them, I was sceptical as to how strong the hook hold was. I prefer a Wide Gape pattern & it nails into the bottom lip every time. You can feel how strong the hold is when taking the hook out but in terms of fish safety, it leaves no marks in the fish’s mouth unlike barbed hooks. I now use Gripz on all water that allow them along with Stonze and, from personal experience, they do help you catch more fish!!


The owner of a fishery I frequent strongly suggests the use of all Pallatrax goods. I started with the hooks and, well, was hooked. Now I use the Stonze, too, and nothing else.


I like to fish large lobworms over feed on heavily fished boilie waters. Through the head and out the saddle. This is the only pattern that complies with barbless fisheries but will keep the worm in place. Epic.


Hi Simon, I changed over because most lakes I fish have a barbless hook rule. Gripz hooks hold far better than any barbless hook, even better than “crushed” barbs. Fish care is paramount, so the less pulls the less damage done to fish


I fish Wide Gape Gripz. I find them strong, great quality and, most importantly, they have very sharp point. Hook-hold is great as well as easy to remove, so Gripz will always have a place in my tackle box.


I started using them a year ago as an alternative to barbless hooks. A couple of my local fisheries are barbless only and I believe that barbless hooks in larger sizes cause damage because of slipping. I was immediately impressed with how they perform; they stay in place and only fall out when the pressure is taken off the line. I now use them for most of my fishing, the only places I don’t use them are at certain venues with a micro-barb only ruling


They are super sharp, stay sharp and are better for the fish. I also haven’t lost a fish when using them – now bring out an Aberdeen style please!!


I have never used barbed or micro-barbed hooks, but I have also lost a lot of fish just at the net. Since using Gripz, my losses are far, far less, even more so a lot less damage done to the mouth when removing the hook. I believe the design keeps the hook in place, therefore, cutting the risk of movement that would cause the damage, but yet again it removes from the fish’s mouth so easily without ripping anything.


I’ve been using the Gripz for a little over a year now and they’ve never failed me! From the first instance of using them, they have filled me with more confidence than I’ve ever had in a piece of crucial end tackle… holds fast when you need them to and 9 times out of 10 as soon as the tension is off in the net the fish unhook themselves! I haven’t purchased another brand’s hooks for months now and, especially since Pallatrax released the Chod Gripz, I doubt I will ever have to buy another company’s hooks again.


I use Gripz at Stanwick and my loss rate has gone down. Used another hook coz I ran out of Gripz and lost 7.


As stated above, they have a good hook hold but can be removed easily. I have used them a lot on the Ribble and have yet to see one blunt. I will be testing the trebles over winter properly for pike and I think these could be a game changer in pike safety. I’m sick of removing multiple barbed trebles that have been left in pikes’ stomachs by other anglers.


I decided to use the Gripz as I liked the idea of barbless but having the ability to hold firm like a barbed hook. This made me feel happier knowing the hooks where less likely to damage the fish from skin or hook slip!


I use Gripz in all designs and sizes from match style fishing on small venues for silvers, small carp and F1’s to the larger patterns for my general carp fishing. I converted to Gripz purely for the fish safety aspect. The hook is sharp straight from the packet and holds just like a barbed hook with no slipping and they are removed easily with no effort and cause no damage to a fish’s mouth. #1 hook on the market


My reason for the change was: I fish a catfish lake where a number of us were experiencing a high number of lost fish or dropped takes. I had been through a whole range of hooks and hook patterns, barbed, barbless, curve, circle, eagle wave, wide gape, with no real clear advantage or disadvantage. Then a member mentioned he had been trying the Gripz with better success seen, so I switch over to the Gripz. At first, I tried the Straight Point 2 and the Eagle Wave 2/0, and had fish straight away on the Straight Point. I’d had 3 fish on the Straight Point within a couple of hours and then got a take on the Eagle Wave and with a matter of a minute or so the fish was gone… I then decided to just concentrate on the Straight Point 2’s. I’ve now been using them for nearly 2 seasons and have not lost any fish to a hook pull when using them. I certainly have no reason to change any time soon.


Since I used them there is less damage to the fishes’ lips and, when in the net, the Gripz hook usually falls out into the net and always has good hook hold and very sharp


I changed to Gripz because they give you confidence. They have the firm hook-hold that a barbed hook offers but, once pressure is released, the hook then resembles the characteristics of a barbless hook which are easily removed from the fish. Gripz is the best of both hooks in one design.


I remember fishing with a mate and I was continually getting hook pulls with my barbless hooks on our local lake that is barbless only, so my mate offered me a Gripz hook to try. From that moment on I started catching fish with very little damage done to their mouths and impressed was an understatement! I came home, joined the Team, ordered my Gripz hooks and Stonze and have never looked back!


I was using barbless hooks and was losing fish years ago. I think I’d been following Pallatrax for 3-3½ years and have been a member for over 2 years now. I was watching and reading people’s catches, so I thought am going to try them Gripz hooks. I did and I haven’t looked back. The best bit is that I never lost a fish yet.


I started using them last season as I got a barbed hook quite deep in my finger whilst night fishing. So thought I’d give the Gripz a go and I’m really impressed with them. Not had a hook pull yet and they’re really easy to get out the fish’s mouth, so fish care is great.


I liked the look of them, I’m always looking to try something different and now I won’t look back.


I had been losing a few fish on other hooks to simple hook pulls. I saw the Gripz and thought the concept and look was great. I tied up a few rigs and haven’t lost a fish since! I wouldn’t go back to any other style now. They are perfect and suit all my rigs and style of fishing.


After having a very punishing time on the Thames last Winter I had only caught a few bream although all over 10lb. This was my first time using the Straight Point Gripz and I was over the moon with the hook-holds and how easy they were to remove. In Spring, I moved back onto the lakes and had a 41lb catfish on a Curve Shank Gripz size 4 and I was shocked (pleasantly surprised) that the hook did not need sharpening after the fight, it was still razor sharp! The following week I was back on another lake armed with size 4 Straight Points getting my little brother into carp fishing and landed my UK PB of 30lb 4oz which I had to keep away for many snags and caught multiple smaller carp the following weeks. Every single fish had perfect hook-holds and only a small pin mark where the hook had been. Awesome hooks and very fish-friendly and extremely strong!!!


Not the 3rd design but the best fish safety design. I have used most hooks over the years, and I can honestly say I have found the one I am happy with mainly because of the fish safety. I’ve never been a big fan of barbed hooks because of the damage they cause on removing and barbless still cause damage when moving in the fishes’ mouth. The Gripz do a far better job because they do what they say on the packet: they grip on tension and stop the movement in the fishes’ mouth, they are made from a fine but strong wire and very sharp. I can honestly say I will only ever use the Gripz from now on. Viva la revolution!


I use the size 8 Wide Gape for when I’m surface fishing, I find I don’t drop nowhere near as many fish.


Taking the obvious advantages of the Gripz pattern out of the equation, they are the sharpest, strongest hook I’ve ever used. I find I can get away with a smaller hook than I might use from another brand without sacrificing the hook hold. The sharpness also stays fish after fish, no matter what the lakebed is made up of, meaning I can safely use the same rig all session.


I use them wherever they are allowed as with them holding strong like a barb, so it’s essentially fish care in my eyes as the hook doesn’t slip cutting the fish’s mouth like a barbless but slips out easily like a barbless when unhooking. A lot of fisheries are not aware of them but spreading the word and showing them to fishery management and bailiffs, they do show interest and ask for more information.


Because I find it has the pros of barbed & barbless whilst having less cons or less chance of the cons


I love them especially for the kids (FFDK) as they are easy for the kids to remove themselves like barbless but don’t slip around like a barbless, just hold firm when playing the fish. Best of both worlds!


As soon as I saw them on Facebook, I had to buy some to try out and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. I’d recommend them to anyone. I haven’t lost a fish since using them. Every one I’ve used has been super sharp and don’t blunt easily like other hooks I’ve used. All round a top-quality hook with much better hook hold when fishing barbless waters, which the majority around me are.


I could remember back to when I was match fishing and used to use the Gripz back then, I remember how impressed I was all those years ago. I was carp fishing my syndicate water and suffering hook pulls because it’s a weedy water, when I remembered about the Gripz so set about ordering some. Never looked back and I know more people are now using Gripz on my syndicate water.


I was looking for confidence in a hook I could rely on straight out of the packet and I got exactly what I was looking for. An amazing design.