How To Fish With Snails

How To Fish With Snails

Our Hidra Snails always cause a bit of a stir when people see them for the first time but did you ever wonder why we made them?

After lots of research on if it was possible to create we came to the conclusion it was and that it was very worth doing.

Snails themselves are a natural food source for lots of different species of fish and they are packed full of protein and nutrients that fish need in their daily diet.

Professionally dehydrated to retain all of their goodness when rehydrated. Once hydrated you can hair rig the snails, hook them directly on to the hair or even blitz them in a food blender and add them to a ground mix, method mix or even add to your own boilie mix to add extra attraction.

Snails will take roughly 4 hours to rehydrate at room temperature, we recommend using water from the venue that you are going to fish to make the snails even more natural to the fish in the lake. You can use different water such as bottled mineral or spring water but we don’t recommend using tap water as it has too much chlorine and other chemicals in it that the carp can sense.

The great thing about snails is that they can take on flavourings and food dyes very easily so if you like experimenting you can even add your own flavours or change the colour of the snails to try something different.

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