How To Make An Active Fishing Groundbait

How To Make An Active Fishing Groundbait

Have You ever wondered what someone means when you hear them talking about an active groundbait?

Well an active groundbait is totally different to an active bait. An active bait has ingredients added to it that help the bait to ferment and release sugars and other enzymes that make the bait easier for a fish to digest all of the vitamins, protein and energy that is available from within the bait itself.

An active groundbait however literally means that it is active as in movement. To achieve a good “active” groundbait you want it to have a good base groundbait such as our unique Red Seed Mix which is packed full of nutrients, milk proteins, seeds, Haith’s Robin Red® and enhancers, all of which are readily recognised by fish as genuine food sources.

Then you want to add ingredients that will achieve an up and down movement in the water column where you are trying to create a swim. This will attract fish into your swim and as the particles take on water and sink back down to where your baited hook is. You can choose from lots of ingredients of ingredients such as our dried naturals range which will rise and fall as they are released from the groundbait. (In fact we used our dried bloodworm and dried maggots in our own groundbait/method mix – Bloodworm & Maggot Crush)

Our Bloodworm & Maggot Crush has been designed to give fantastic breakdown and does not contain any bulking ingredients giving fish the maximum attraction and feed. However, if you like to experiment with your own ingredients so that you have something completely different to everyone else below is a basic recipe to get you started. You can then experiment with your own ingredients creating all sorts of mixes to see which suits the lakes you fish.

The recipe is done in percentages so that you can make any amount that you want from 100g to 100kg…

40% Pallatrax Red Seed Mix
20% Ground Floating Trout Pellets
10% Pre-Digested Fishmeal
10% Ground Vitalin
5% Haith’s Baits Crushed Hemp Seed
5% Pallatrax Dried Naturals – Maggots
5% Pallatrax Dried Naturals – Daphnia
5% Pallatrax Waterfly Powderz

This recipe is a good base for you to start from and although it isn’t based on our own groundbait/method mix recipes (sorry but we aren’t going to give those out with the amount of development that’s gone into them) it will give you a nice active groundbait that is a good base to start from.

If your making 500g of groundbait you could also add a tin of tuna flakes in brine or even some anchovies.

So why this recipe? It has a good base of a high quality base mix, then you have various ingredients that will float up and as they take on water they will also sink back down bringing any fish that are in the upper layers of your swim back down onto the lake bed and near to your bait.

Each ‘active’ ingredient will start floating at different times and will also soak water in at different times, this means that you will have a nice amount of attractive movement in your swim giving you more chance of drawing the fish in.

You can swap and change things around for example you could use ground dog biscuits instead of trout pellets, you can vary the sizes of the ground ingredients to allow different water absorption rates meaning it will be active longer, you could add condensed milk onto the mix creating an extra cloud of attraction.

The combinations and ingredients really are only limited by your imagination so have fun experimenting but please remember to only use ingredients that are safe for the fish.

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