How To Make Homemade Pop Up Boilies

How To Make Homemade Pop Up Boilies

At Pallatrax we have our own bespoke premises where we manufacture our top quality baits.

Due to this we can also offer you some fantastic base mixes made using the same high quality ingredients that we use in our baits.

Do you like the idea of our baits but want to create your own unique bait? Choose one of our four highly nutritional base mixes and you will have a top quality base to start experimenting yourself.

The possibilities are literally endless, want to add some fishy based ingredients to a seed based base mix? You could try adding green lipped mussel, kelp meal, squid and octopus extract or many others to our yellow seed mix to create a very unique and attractive bait.

Why not create a matching pop up by using the following recipe…

  • 80g pop up mix
  • 20g base mix
  • 12g whole egg powder
  • 7g egg albumen
  • 40ml liquid additives
  • 10ml liquid bait preservative

Mix it all together, pinch pieces off, roll into balls or leave as pillow shapes and boil for 120 seconds.

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