Introducing Our Ready Steady Fish Short Session Barbel Pack

Introducing Our Ready Steady Fish Short Session Barbel Pack

This high quality and well-designed Day Session Pack gives the Barbel angler a great selection of Pallatrax products to create the highly regarded and consistently successful fishing approach – The Stonze System. This revolutionary angling tactic has moved fishing to the next level by completely eliminating the negatives of a man made toxic lead (or any other man made weights) and centralising the strategic approach around a totally natural stone as the fishing weight. Couple this with exclusive baits and our incredible Gripz hook design the user can be confident in a angling approach that now catches consistently at venues around the world.

The effectiveness of the Stonze System means that the many barriers to advanced catching are now removed opening up consistent catching for all, whatever experience you have. By getting rid of the complicated paraphernalia that currently saturates the market, and replacing with such an effective and simple to use approach anglers can now be extremely confident in fishing successfully, safely and catching more, wherever they go.

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