Jacques Tew’s trip to a private farm pond

Jacques Tew’s trip to a private farm pond

I recently had the opportunity to fish a short afternoon session on a private farm pond in Country Durham. The weather was fairly warm, but there was still a cool north easterly wind.

I decided to fish the shallow part of the lake where the margins were approx. 4 feet deep. I set up two roads: one was a 12ft barbel rod with a centre pin reel and a small waggler float; the other rod was a Sonik 12ft 1-75TC specialist rod and a 4000 sized fixed spool bait runner reel set up with an inline Stonze.

On the very first cast I was into my first fish – a beautiful Linear Carp – which fell to a 10mm Flarze Almond Vice Fluoro pop-up Squab.

carp cropped

I then changed my bait to a paste made from Pallatrax Bloodworm & Maggot Crush method mix made in to a paste – it makes a really great paste – and soon I was into my second fish which was a skimmer Bream.
I then started to catch some cracking roach up to about 10oz in weight. Then, just as it was time to pack up and set off for home, I had a really hard bite. The float just buried and I was into a tench, which gave me quite a good scrap before I managed to slip him into the net.


I was buzzing! I’d had a great session and I’ll soon be back for a full day – I can’t wait!

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