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Pallatrax Sponsors Polish Anglers Association Coarse Fishing Grand Prix 2019

Pallatrax Angling
February 4, 2019
The Polish Anglers Association (PAA) is hosting a Coarse Fishing Grand Prix with matches at various locations across the UK this year. Sponsored by Pallatrax, manufacturers of baits, weights, and terminal tackle for better catch rates and healthier fish, the matches present an exciting opportunity for anglers of all ages to win a Pallatrax voucher or a cash prize.

Are cheap carp baits the best?

Pallatrax Angling
October 8, 2018
You’ve found the fish, now you need to get them to feed. Just because a boilie is round, red and smells of strawberries, doesn’t mean that all strawberry boilies on the market are the same.

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