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Pallatrax Gripz Treble Hooks

Pallatrax Announce The New Gripz Treble Hooks

Pallatrax is pleased to announce the expansion of our unique Gripz hook range with the addition of a Treble hook version. The innovative Gripz hook design is fast becoming a revolutionary product range and these Treble hooks give a superb option for the Predator angler, especially when fishing for species such as Pike, Perch and Zander. These quality Trebles are manufactured from the highest-grade Japanese wire, in Japan, and each ‘cutting point’ hook point benefits from our exclusive Gripz design. Gripz hooks have been developed with both fish and fishery safety in mind, as well as angler satisfaction, with an...

Watercraft – Underappreciated, But Oh So Important!

If you were to put me on the spot and ask “what is the most important aspect within angling to catch consistently” it would be, without doubt, skilled watercraft. In the modern era of angling trends I have to confess it is disappointing that this topic is all too briefly studied because without acknowledging the importance of watercraft, and taking the necessary action, you will always be on the back foot. Today we see so much emphasis put on the next wonder rig or bait whilst forgetting that the ‘Old Skool’ appreciation of our quarry’s location, and the reasonings...

Simon Pomeroy – My Obsession With Fishing

My angling journey has certainly been varied to date with my first memory of catching Sticklebacks on a tiny Scottish Burn, through to owning boats in this country and abroad, running fisheries, tackle shops and for the last 20 years designing and producing baits, terminal ranges and fish catching tactics. All in all, it has been an interesting angling 'career' which has certainly opened my eyes to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - and though I'm now in my 50's I'd like to think there are still a few years left to build upon my experiences so...

catfish hooks

What Are The Best Catfish Hooks?

Any angler who fishes for Catfish will know you need a very strong and sharp hook to land such hard fighting and heavy fish and with Pallatrax’s unique Gripz Eagle Wave Catfish hooks you can be assured of this, and so much more. Our Gripz hooks are a third-generation hook design moving on from Barbed and Barbless and offering the angler a hook design like no other. Made from incredibly strong Japanese wire the hooks are manufactured using cutting point technology to produce a hook point which we believe to be the sharpest, straight from the packet, of anything currently available...

Best Fishing Hooks

What Are The Best Fishing Hooks?

As anglers, we all know the importance of a high-quality hook and until now we have only had the choice of two designs, Barbed and Barbless – but that’s all changed! Pallatrax has developed a genuine third design with the Gripz hooks which cater for the majority of species and tactics. From Specimen Carp and Barbel through to Predator and Match Fishing, Gripz hooks now give a next-generation hook design which really are on another level. Yes, that is a huge statement to make but when you see the incredible amount of anglers converting to, and catching on, this new design...

Best fishing hooks for carp

Best Fishing Hooks For Carp

As any good carp angler will appreciate your hook is a vitally important part of your set up and only a high-quality hook should be considered. In a market place saturated with choice, Pallatrax has now developed the next generation in carp hooks with the Gripz design, which we firmly believe is far superior to both the historic options within barbed and barbless. Pallatrax feels they have developed one of the best carp fishing hooks on the market. Of course, such a huge statement could be considered as contrived but we can promise you that this is far from...

Carpinsula Fishery in Belgium goes Non-Toxic.

Carpinsula Fishery In Belgium Goes Non-Toxic! It is only three years ago that Jelle Eurlings, the owner, started his lifetime project in an abandoned nature reserve in Belgium named Carpinsula. He turned this no-man-land into a real carp fishing paradise with only one goal in mind; bringing carp fishing and nature together with leaving the smallest footprint possible! In keeping with his ethos, Jelle insists that all anglers fish with non-toxic fishing weights, and is now stocking our Stonze fishing weights. After three years of intense preparations, it is his pleasure to introduce to you 4 different idyllic lakes. All just for a...

Fishing With Natural Stonze – Wow What A Controversial Idea!!

People say that we are only crusading this because we have the patent on Stonze weights which is simply not true.

A Highly Effective Way Of Attracting Fish

The great thing is that our Stonze make a a fantastic natural method feeder and when the fish start to break through to the Stonze

Pallatrax Sponsors Polish Anglers Association Coarse Fishing Grand Prix 2019

The Polish Anglers Association (PAA) is hosting a Coarse Fishing Grand Prix with matches at various locations across the UK this year. Sponsored by Pallatrax, manufacturers of baits, weights, and terminal tackle for better catch rates and healthier fish, the matches present an exciting opportunity for anglers of all ages to win a Pallatrax voucher or a cash prize.