Pallatrax Fishing news covers carp fishing, specimen hunting, match fishing and much more! We love to cover latest angling news that includes competitions, industry news, and exciting new product launches.

The Incredible Angling Advantages of Pallatrax Gripz Fishing Hooks

Historically anglers have only ever had two options when purchasing a fishing hook: either barbed or barbless. A barbed hook is named after the barb within the inside section of the hook point and barbless named by the lack of the barb.

How To Make An Active Fishing Groundbait

An active bait has ingredients added to it that help the bait to ferment and release sugars and other enzymes that make the bait easier for a fish to digest all of the vitamins, protein and energy that is available from within the bait itself.

GRIPZ Hooks Win Prestigious Green Apple Award

Pallatrax wins another Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice, this time for the GRIPZ Hooks.

A radical move to eliminate the use of lead fishing weights in the Netherlands

When news broke recently of a radical move to eliminate the use of lead weights in the Netherlands it’s a good bet that no one was cheering more loudly than Simon Pomeroy.

New Product Launch – Non Toxic AAA Egg Shot

Pallatrax is pleased to announce the launch of our latest product range in the the shape of these NON TOXIC AAA EGG SHOT

The Perfect Method Mix For Fishing

There are lots of great method mixes out there readily available straight off the shelf but sometimes it’s great to make your own and it’s a lot easier than you think!!

Anthony Wood Joins Pallatrax’s Media & Marketing Team

Anthony Wood has joined our Media and Marketing Team and his chief focus will be on the several social media platforms the brand is involved with, particularly the company’s main Facebook site.

How To Make Homemade Pop Up Boilies

Do you like the idea of our baits but want to create your own unique bait? Choose one of our four highly nutritional base mixes and you will have a top quality base to start experimenting yourself.

Using A Stone As A Method Feeder

As you can see from these great photos by team member Chris Chandler wrap your method mix around the stonze, then place your hook bait into the method mix and put another thin layer of method mix on to hold the hook bait in place.

How To Fish With Snails

Our Hidra Snails always cause a bit of a stir when people see them for the first time but did you ever wonder why we made them?

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