Launch Of The Pallatrax Gripz Straight Point Hook Pattern

Launch Of The Pallatrax Gripz Straight Point Hook Pattern

Pallatrax is proud to announce the launch of our latest hook pattern within the hugely successful and unique design of Gripz hooks.

Unlike standard barbed or barbless patterns the unique and patented grooves on the inside of the incredibly sharp cutting point gives a firm hook hold whilst playing the fish resulting in no slippage. Once the fish is landed the hook then reverts to a barbless format, where the hook is easily, quickly and safely removed.

Our new pattern; Straight Point, is as the name suggests, a straight point that gives the angler many further options in rig design or as a straight forward co-polymer to hook set up.

The ‘Straight Point’ pattern comes in sizes; 2’s, 4’s, 6’s and 8, which are predominately aimed at the Carp market, and with the addition of a size 10 which also makes a fantastic hook for the Specimen Barbel and Tench angler.

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