Leigh Horne with a New PB – 29lb 2oz Mirror

Leigh Horne with a New PB – 29lb 2oz Mirror

A  very happy Leigh Horne has been in contact and in his own words, he is “absolutely buzzing” having smashed his previous best carp with this cracking 29lb 2oz Mirror. Really pleased for you Leigh, very well done!
Leigh is yet another angler to have beaten his PB when using our natural, and international award winning, Stonze System and you have to consider why so many large fish are landed, and PB’s broken, using this tactical approach?
For me it is actually quite simple, these larger fish have become so wary of rigs that incorporate the man made and very obtrusive leads or feeders which they can definitely sense as out of the ordinary. By replacing with what really is part of their ecology, a stone, it comes as no surprise to me why this change in tactics, and mindset, delivers time after time – zero gimmick and they do the job required of a weight i.e. to cast and hold in position – but so much more!

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  • Sheldon Reply

    Go on son thats a cracking looking fish and so jellos thats not me in your shoes

    19/05/2022 at 7:59 pm

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