Llewelyn Wilson arrived at his local lake

Llewelyn Wilson arrived at his local lake

Team member Llewelyn Wilson arrived at his local lake and saw that it wasn’t busy so he took the time to go for a walk around the lake and try to locate a few fish. After 3 laps of the lake Llewelyn saw some small carp splashing and fizzing up the water.

He decided to set up on the closest peg to where he had seen the carp showing and cast out a fluorocarbon hair rig with one of our Gripz Straight Point size 8 hooks to catch any wary carp that trips up.

Between midday and 1pm the lake went quiet so Llewelyn decided to reel in and rest his swim. At 2pm he placed his rig back on the spot down in the margin instead of casting so that he didn’t spook any fish in the area.

At 2:34pm he had a take that was that powerful it nearly dragged his rod into the lake, luckily Llewelyn got to his rod just before it disappeared into the water completely.

After a fantastic hard fighting battle with the fish, it eventually glided over the lip of the net and when Llewelyn lifted the scales it tipped over to a 21lb exactly gorgeous common carp.

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