Mission Borwick Fishery, Lancaster By Abbey Rose

Mission Borwick Fishery, Lancaster By Abbey Rose

Pallatrax Team Member and AT Angling Coach, Abbey Rose had a few days recently fishing at Borwick Fishery, Lancaster. Abbey loves a challenge and giving in just doesn’t figure in her vocabulary, and I don’t think it’s ever likely to!


Setting up on a one and a quarter pound test barbel rod with a 2BB crystal waggler, Abbey regularly had the centrepin reel singing and spinning. Fishing over a bed of Carp Crush groundbait and our unique 3mm quick breakdown feed pellet, Abbey caught a new species for her in the form of a Wells Catfish, which I’m reliably informed at 6lb 9oz was very good sport on the light tackle and barbel rod.

Wells Catfish

Not content with that, a new personal best carp of 22lb 7oz and a near 4lb Crucian at 3lb 14oz were added to the catch list along with a brown goldfish at 4lb 2 ozs and many more.

Brown Goldfish

Well done, Abbey! Consistent as ever putting the Hidra Mussel to very good use popped up and flavoured with Jungle Overspray. Simple and effective fishing and a good baiting strategy always will reward.


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