87lb 8oz Common On Jungle. New Lake Record: Colin the Common at 87lb 8oz!

87lb 8oz Common On Jungle. New Lake Record: Colin the Common at 87lb 8oz!

Breaking News: Echo Pools produces a NEW LAKE RECORD.

front on out of water


Yes, Colin the Common has been out this season at 83lb, 85lb and was caught again last week at am amazing, lake record breaking 87lb 8oz!!!

colin front on in water

The ecstatic captor, John Blair, reported: “Having returned from Echo Pool and time to reflect on the trip, I would say that banking six mirrors that ranged in size from mid forties to sixty five pounds, several other twenty pound fish that will be the future of the venue, and a couple of commons which had a combined weight of well over one hundred pounds, would have been more than enough memories for one trip.

Echo Pool was not content with just that. I had taken the rods out and gone off to the shop and left things alone for a couple of hours. On my return, the rods were put back in and within ten minutes or so the left hand rod just ripped off! The start, as it turned out, of one of those lifetime memories although very quickly the fish managed to find the only snag in the lake and my thoughts turned to “can the line take it” and “am I going to lose it”?

A couple of minutes in this situation seems like an eternity, but with a little pressure applied, the fish was out on its own accord, although it managed to pick up a couple of my fellow angler Mark’s rods. At first, not realising, I think he even struck into it but no harm done: it was a case of open the bail arms drop the rod tips and sort out the mess later.

Eventually it was in the net and beyond belief: it was the biggest Carp I had ever seen! I knew it was Colin and I knew it was the biggest fish in the lake. Weighed and confirmed at a new lake record weight of 87lb 8oz , my new personal best and will certainly take some beating!

water side on

Colin was caught using the Stonze weights and Jungle boilies.”



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