New Year, New PB at Lower Tamar

New Year, New PB at Lower Tamar

The festive period was a busy one for me this year at work and I had even drawn a work shift on new years eve to boot! Once that was out of the way I was on the road again for a little solitude and fresh air. Needless to say the car was loaded with kit and various bits and pieces that I absolutely needed to successfully put a few fish on the bank; this is after all why I put myself exposed to the elements and nature, questioning the decision a few times during this session.

The venue I had in mind, another new one for me, was Lower Tamar lake which is part of the South West Lakes Trust waters.  Previously a syndicated water only recently available to all on a day ticket. Slightly more manageable, at a touch over 30 acres, than the upper lake venue, it appeared to be worthy of some investigation and it really did nothing too disappoint me to start of my 2016; although perhaps not in the way I had imagined on the drive down.

I am not going to bang on now about wonder bait etc etc; needless to say I certainly put a whole lot of the range through its paces and although delivered in much the same way as ever, a few tweaks were needed but never really moving away from the core Pallatrax “system” we employ to good effect! The only pattern that evolved seemed to be feeding and bite times, the weather certainly did not fit any pattern; that is unless windy, very wet and bearing no resemblance to any forecast constitutes a pattern! I lightly baited regularly on two spots and rotated my fishing style from rods on alarms too sitting out with feeder rod in hand.


First fish came to a small Almond Vice Squab early on the second morning to a very slight drop back movement of the bobbin and a single beep, at 9lb 6oz it was a welcome first Bream just shy of my PB by a few ounces.  I had not really gone with a target species in mind but perhaps that decision had just been made for me! The weather continued to be a little unpredictable with changing wind and rain, but I did manage a few hours with a feeder rod which delivered a couple of  Bream in the 8lb+ range; keeping me occupied and a little excited.

Overall I spent a few days balling in Blooworm and Maggot crush groundbait with a few spombs of maggots and hemp regularly to the two spots I fished. The ever reliable Multiworm bait playing a big part with each consecutive morning being delivered a 9lber, including on the third go a welcome dark 9lb 12oz Pb with a 9lb 4oz in between for good measure! I even managing to catch one of the takes with a moody early morning picture. Additionally I also managed several 8lb+ fish and one 6lb bream for this visit and surprisingly the only carp to turn up was a 3 to 4lb common on my feeder rod that fancied a maggot hookbait fished close to my maggot crush groundbait wrapped stonze in-line weight.

Great Bream fishing session and potential from a super venue that  I’m sure has much more to come and  I look forward to a return visit very soon until then keep bending the carbon and tight lines, ” no seriously tighten them lines up”, It may surprise you it certainly does me.





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