New year off to a flyer – Sam Beswick

New year off to a flyer – Sam Beswick

I decided to get down to a local club water for a 48hr session, knowing the lake hadn’t produced many bites throughout the week I wasn’t really expecting much to happen. Upon arriving I set up in a swim I know produces in the winter and whilst setting up, I saw a couple of fish show out long so decided to fish towards where they were showing. On one rod I had a simple pop up rig with a size 6 ‘The Hook’, around eight inches of Steamlink which was stripped an inch back and a blob of putty before mounting a 14mm glugged Jungle pop up as the hookbait. As I saw the fish moving at range, this rod would be fished around 110yrds and decided to fish just as a single hookbait.  The other rod I had a snowman rig consisting of a size 6 ‘The Hook’, eight inches of Steamlink and an 18mm Jungle boilie tipped off with a 12mm pink pop up; this would be fished about 90yrds with a scattering of boilies around it. 

After the first 24 hours without a bite and seeing fish showing towards the left hand of the swim, I decided to move my pop up rod over to the showing fish which resulted in a slow take which turned out to be a mint common of about 16lb. I quickly got the rod back out just before dark and then about an hour later had another bite on the same rod which was a mint mirror of about the same weight.  

With a bit of struggle in the dark getting the rod back out, I finally got the rod in place and both the bobbins stayed motionless throughout the night.  I was up early the next morning watching the water, still seeing the odd fish roll around 130yrds from the bank so decided to leave the rods where they were. Around 10am I had another bite on the pop up resulting in a cracking looking 24lb 14oz mirror. With the fish back safely, the rod back out on the spot my mind turned to packing up. Around 2pm I got a screaming take on the pop up rod again and slipped the net under a lovely 20lb 2oz mirror!

I was over the moon with the result as the lake had been fishing very slow over the last couple of weeks.  A great start to the new year for me and hopefully plenty more sessions like this to come.

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